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Grand Circus Park Highrise - video

Water Springs Community College
Water Springs Community College - video

Welcome to our updated website for Archiopolis. In this space we will post information about our latest projects and events. Please read below to find out what the business has been doing.

Please note that all internet traffic to the kelly-tinker.com web site is being redirected to archiopolis.com. The kelly-tinker site is out of date. The ongoing work of Ed Kelly and Bob Tinker continues to be presented on this site.

To the left on this page we will be posting the incredible graphics and videos of Daniel Malott, one of the founding Principals of Archiopolis. The entire firm has strong roots in 3D design which is used on all of our architectural projects.

In our Projects Section of the website we are posting informational sheets about many of our past projects. We’ve started with a few in 4 categories, but many more will be added over time.

Modular Northern Climate Hybrid Solar Commercial Greenhouse

Ed Kelly has been working with other select companies to explore opportunities for the construction of a prototype Greenhouse in Michigan. Designed to fill a growing consumer demand for high quality locally produced fresh vegetables year-round (i.e. tomatoes, lettuce, green & red peppers, etc.) for cold winter climates like Michigan, this modular, northern climate, superinsulated, hybrid solar, commercial hydroponics greenhouse prototype utilizes renewable energy and energy conservation technologies in a unique and innovative fashion.
See more at www.morningglorygreenhousesystems.com.

Technical Energy Audit Services

The staff at Archiopolis continues to provide nonprofit organizations, businesses, and municipalities with technical energy services for the buildings which they inhabit. We are doing our share to help wisely spend public and private funding which is currently available to upgrade building energy systems. We provide services to a variety of organizations. Find out more in the Energy Efficiency category of the Projects Section of the website.